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"Washed Out" 


is a short film, written and directed by Alice Boucherie,

starring Simon Faliu, Isabelle Anciaux and Charles Schneider. The film was shot in Paris, France and produced by Orichalculm Pictures. Its original French title is "Lessivé".



Soho International Film Festival 2018

New York, USA

Official Competition 2018 
World Premiere on June 14th, at the opening night ceremony and closing night.

- Winner "Best World Short" 2018 -

New Hope Film Festival

Pennsylvania, USA

Official Competition 2018.
- Nominated for "Best Director" Award -

Cinema At The Edge (CATE) Film Festival 2018

California, USA

Official competition 2018

Arsène is a lonely little boy whose routine is a living hell. One day while he is punished in the darkness of the basement, he will meet the one that is going to become is best friend and will help him fight violence : the washing machine.



Arsène - Simon Faliu

Mme Grascoin - Isabelle Anciaux

Mr Grascoin - Charles Schneider

Writer & Director - Alice Boucherie

1st Assistant Director - Ludovic Jardiné

Director of Photography - Maxime Gérigny

1st Assistant Camera - Camille panisset

Steadicam Operator - Benjamin Fatras

Gaffer - Mathilde Gaillard

Grip/Electric - Emile Boré

Grip/Electric - Katia Hamnane

Grip - Benjamin Erny

Grip - Pierre Pascalie

Location Sound Mixer - Christopher Colesse

Boom Operator - Sacha Mikoff 

Set Designer - Pauline Lefeuvre

Art Assistant - Alice Delarue

Make up Artist - Laurence Krebs-Géhin

Stylist - Andréa Pellerin

Chef - Emmelyne Perrot

Set Photographer - Guillaume Amat

Production Assistants
Alexandre Rivaud
 - Simon Blévis - Elise Vray - Julien Pauly 

Background Actors

Claire Huchet - Aude Sauvage - Rose Hewins - Claude & Françoise Blanc - Pierre Pottié-Sperry - Hervé Peignier - Guillaume Amat - Serge Faliu - Moïse Boucherie - Emmelyne Perrot - Mourad Daoudi - Lydie Yabeko - Rekia Souabi

Editor & Storyboarder - Lionel Baudry

Sound Editor & Mixer - Christopher Colesse

Sound Editor & Mixer - Sacha Mikoff

VFX - Gauthier Moine

Colorist - Domingo Olmo Martin

Original Score interpreted and recorded by Simon Blévis, Christopher Colesse, Sacha Mikoff, with cellist Elisa Huteau

Production Orichalcum Pictures
Supported by Phosphène Production & Unilever

It was my first film shoot ever. I felt a lot of joy and happiness despite the serious topic of the movie. Alice is a star, and she became like my big sister. Thanks to the whole crew for being so nice with me. Arsène will stay in my heart forever.

Simon Faliu, Actor

Behind the scenes

A big thanks to each person who helped making this project a success!

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